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Main Entry: 1lay
Pronunciation: primarystresslamacr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): laid /primarystresslamacrd/; lay·ing
Etymology: Old English lecgan "to beat down"
1 : to beat or strike down <wheat laid flat by the wind and rain>
2 a : to put or set on or against a surface or in order <lay the book on the table> <lay bricks> b : to place for rest or sleep; especially : BURY 1
3 : to produce and deposit eggs
4 nonstandard : 1LIE
5 : to cause to settle <a shower laid the dust>; also : to make calm : ALLAY <laid his fears>
6 : to spread over a surface <lay plaster>
7 : to make ready : PREPARE <lay plans> <lay a table>
8 : to deposit as a wager : BET <I'll lay you $10 on that>
9 : IMPOSE 1a <lay a tax> <lay blame>
10 : to place or assign in one's scheme of things <lays great stress on manners>
11 : to bring to a specified condition <lay waste to the land>
12 : to put forward : SUBMIT <lay claim to an estate>
- lay eyes on : to catch sight of : SEE
- lay into : to attack especially verbally

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