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Main Entry: 2low
Pronunciation: primarystresslomacr
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): low·er /primarystresslomacr(-schwa)r/; low·est /primarystresslomacr-schwast/
1 a : not high or tall <a low wall> <a low bridge> b : cut far down at the neck c : not extending as high as the ankle
2 a : placed or passing below the normal level <low ground> b : marking a bottom <a low point of his career>
3 : STRICKEN 1, prostrate <laid low>
4 a : not loud : SOFT <a low whisper> b : deep in pitch <a low note>
5 a : being near the equator <low northern latitudes> b : being near the horizon <the sun is low>
6 : 1POOR 1, lower-class <low birth>
7 a : FEEBLE 1, weak <low with fever> b : not cheerful or lively <in low spirits>
8 : less than usual (as in number, amount, degree, or rank) <a low price> <low pressure>
9 a : lacking dignity <a low style of writing> b : morally deserving of criticism : BASE <a low trick> c : COARSE 5, vulgar <low language>
10 : being less complex in structure and development than others <low animals>
11 : not favorable <a low opinion of their work>
- low adverb
- low·ness noun

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