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Main Entry: 1make
Pronunciation: primarystressmamacrk
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): made /primarystressmamacrd/; mak·ing
1 a : to begin or seem to begin an action <she made as if to go> b : to act so as to appear <make merry>
2 a : to cause to exist or occur : CREATE <make a noise> <make trouble> b : to create for some purpose or goal <she was made to be a surgeon>
3 a : to form or shape out of material or parts : FASHION, CONSTRUCT <make a dress> <make a chair> b : to combine to produce <2 and 2 make 4>
4 : to frame in the mind <make plans>
5 : to put together from parts <houses made of stone>
6 : to estimate to be : COMPUTE <I make it an even $5>
7 a : to set in order <make a bed> b : PREPARE, FIX <make dinner>
8 : to cut and spread for drying <make hay>
9 a : to cause to be or become <made herself useful> b : APPOINT <made him her assistant>
10 a : ENACT 1, establish <make laws> b : to prepare in an appropriate manner <make a will>
11 a : UNDERSTAND 1a <unable to make anything of the story> b : to regard as being : CONSIDER <he is not the fool you make him>
12 : 1DO 1a, perform <make war> <make a bow>
13 : to produce or acquire by or as if by action or effort <made a mess of the job> <make good money> <make friends>
14 : to force to act in some manner <made her return home>
15 : to cause or assure the success of <the first case made the new lawyer>
16 : to develop into <she will make a fine judge>
17 a : 1REACH 2c, attain <the ship makes port tonight> <he made corporal in 10 months> <they made it to the other side of the bridge> b : to gain a place on or in <made the track team> <the story made the papers>
18 : 1CATCH 7b <make the train>
19 : to set out in pursuit <made after the fox>
20 : to provide the most satisfying experience of <meeting the star of the show really made our day>
- make away with : to carry off
- make believe : to act as if something known to be imaginary is real or true : PRETEND
- make ends meet : to keep one's expenses within one's income
- make fun of : to make the target of one's laughter : RIDICULE <made fun of the way they talked>
- make good
1 : to make complete : FULFILL <make good a promise>
2 : to make up for a deficiency <make good the loss>
3 : SUCCEED 2 <make good as a reporter>
- make it : to be successful <tried to make it in the world of sports>
- make sail
1 : to raise or spread sail
2 : to set out on a voyage
- make shift : to manage with difficulty
- make time : to travel fast <can really make time on the new highway>
- make use of : to put to use : EMPLOY
- make way : to open a path or passage <the crowd made way for the injured person>
synonyms MAKE, FORM, MANUFACTURE mean to cause to come into being. MAKE is a word that can be used of many kinds of creation <make soup> <made many friends>. FORM suggests that the thing brought into being has a design or structure <the colonies formed a new nation>. MANUFACTURE suggests making something in a fixed way and usually by machinery <a company that manufactures cars>.

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