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Main Entry: 1mend
Pronunciation: primarystressmend
Function: verb
1 : to improve in manners or morals : REFORM
2 : to put into good shape or working order again
3 : to improve in health; also : HEAL
- mend·able /primarystressmen-dschwa-bschwal/ adjective
- mend·er noun
synonyms MEND, PATCH, REPAIR mean to take something that has been damaged and make it usable again. MEND suggests making something that has been broken or damaged once again whole or fit for use <mend the torn dress>. PATCH refers to mending a hole or break by using new material <patched the hole with concrete> and it may also suggest a hurried careless job <just patch the roof for now>. REPAIR applies to the fixing of something that has been damaged considerably <the mechanic repaired our car>.

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