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Main Entry: 1new
Pronunciation: primarystressn(y)ü
Function: adjective
1 : not old : RECENT, MODERN <new ways of thinking>
2 : not the same as the former : taking the place of one that came before <a new teacher>
3 : recently discovered or learned about <new lands> <new plants and animals>
4 : not known or experienced before <new feelings>
5 : not accustomed <new to this work>
6 : beginning as a repeating of some previous act or thing <the new year>
7 : refreshed in spirits or vigor <felt like a new person after my vacation>
8 : being in a position or place for the first time <a new member>
- new·ness noun
synonyms NEW, NOVEL, ORIGINAL, FRESH mean having recently come into existence or use. NEW may apply to what is freshly made and unused <new bricks> or has not been known before <new design> or not experienced before <starts a new job>. NOVEL applies to what is not only new but strange or untried <a novel way of solving the problem>. ORIGINAL applies to what is the first of its kind to exist <a person without one original idea>. FRESH applies to what has not lost its original qualities of newness such as liveliness, energy, or brightness <fresh towels> <a fresh start in life>.

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