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Main Entry: 1on
Pronunciation: (primarystress)odotn, (primarystress)än
Function: preposition
1 a : in contact with and supported by <the book on the table> b : in a position in contact with or near <a fly on the wall> <a town on the river> c -- used to indicate the location of something <on the other side of the house> <on the right>
2 a -- used to indicate means of being attached or supported <on a string> <stood on one foot> <hang your coat on the peg> <you can rely on me> <lives on insects> b -- used to indicate means of being carried <rode on a horse> <went on the bus> <have only five dollars on me>
3 -- used to indicate a time or an instance when something takes place <on arriving home, I found your letter> <arrived on Monday> <news on the hour>
4 a -- used to indicate the way something is done <told her on the sly> b -- used to indicate what something is done with or done by <cut on broken glass> <talk on the phone> <type on a keyboard> <displayed on a TV screen>
5 a : involved with or participating in : busy with <on a committee> <on tour> b : in a state or process of <on fire> <on the increase> c : in keeping with a goal or objective <on schedule>
6 a -- used to indicate a reason or basis <on one condition> <interest of 10 cents on the dollar> b -- used to indicate who or what is responsible <this treat is on me> <blamed it on the weather>
7 -- used to indicate someone or something an action or feeling is directed toward <was creeping up on us> <have pity on me> <the joke's on you>
8 a : CONCERNING, ABOUT <a book on cats> <agree on price> b : with respect to <go light on the salt> <short on cash>
9 : following in series <loss on loss>

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