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Main Entry: 1part
Pronunciation: primarystresspärt
Function: noun
1 a : one of the pieces into which something can be divided b : one of the equal units of which something is composed <a fifth part for each> c : a portion of a plant or animal body : MEMBER, ORGAN <wash the injured part> d : a particular melody or line of music for one voice or instrument or a certain group of voices or instruments in harmony with others e : a piece of a machine or equipment
2 : a person's share, duty, or function <did my part>
3 : one of the sides in a conflict <take another's part in a quarrel>
4 : a general area : REGION -- usually used in plural <you're not from around these parts>
5 : a role in a play
6 : the line where the hair is divided in combing
- for the most part : in general <for the most part the class was well behaved>
- in part : PARTLY <the program was sponsored in part by public donations>
- on the part of : relating to the one specified <an enthusiastic response on the part of students>
synonyms PART, PORTION, SECTION, FRAGMENT mean something less than the whole. PART is a general word and can be used when it is not necessary to be exact <they ran only part of the way>. PORTION suggests a part that is assigned or given as one's share <divided the food into six portions>. SECTION applies to a part that is fairly small or is clearly seen as a unit <the sports section of the newspaper>. FRAGMENT applies to a part made by or as if by breaking something <while digging they found fragments of old pottery> <some ancient literature is now known only in fragments>.

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