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Main Entry: par·take
Pronunciation: pär-primarystresstamacrk, pschwar-
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): par·took /-primarystresstudotk/; par·tak·en /-primarystresstamacr-kschwan/; par·tak·ing
1 a : to take a share or part <partake of a meal> b : to take part in something <all may partake in the ceremony>
2 : to have some of the qualities of something <the story partook of the nature of drama>
- par·tak·er noun
synonyms PARTAKE, PARTICIPATE, SHARE mean to take part together. PARTAKE applies especially to the common enjoyment of food and drink <shall we partake of the feast prepared for us?>. PARTICIPATE suggests an undertaking or activity in which persons work or act as a group <the whole class participated in singing the songs>. SHARE can apply either to situations in which one person allows another the use or enjoyment of some possession <she was nice enough to share her lunch with me> or to situations involving the use of something by two or more people <everyone in the group had to share one computer>.

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