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Main Entry: 1pay
Pronunciation: primarystresspamacr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): paid /primarystresspamacrd /; also in sense 6 payed; pay·ing
1 : to give (as money) in return for services received or for something bought <pay the taxi driver> <pay for a ticket>
2 : to give what is owed <pay a tax>
3 : to get even with <pay someone back for an insult>
4 : to give or offer freely <pay a compliment> <pay attention>
5 a : to return value or profit to <it pays to drive carefully> b : to give as a return <a bank account paying eight percent>
6 : to make slack and allow to run out <pay out a rope>
- pay·er /primarystresspamacr-schwar/ also pay·or /primarystresspamacr-schwar, pamacr-primarystressodot(schwa)r/ noun

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