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Main Entry: 1place
Pronunciation: primarystressplamacrs
Function: noun
1 : an available space : ROOM <make a place for the newcomer>
2 a : a region not made clear in description <all over the place> b : a building or spot set apart for a special purpose <a place of learning>
3 a : a certain region or center of population <a nice place to visit> b : 1HOUSE 1, dwelling <nice place you have here> <our summer place>
4 : a certain part of a surface or body : SPOT <a sore place on my shoulder> <lost my place in the book>
5 : relative position in a scale or series <kept them in their place> <in the first place, you're wrong> <finished in last place>
6 a : a proper position <the place of education in society> b : a suitable moment or point <this is not the place to discuss that problem>
7 a : an available seat or accommodation <needs a place to stay> b : usual space or use <paper towels take the place of linen>
8 : the position of a digit in a numeral <the number 316 has three places> <in 2.718 the digit 1 is two places after the decimal point>
9 : JOB 3, position
10 : a public square
11 : a short street
12 : second position at the finish (as of a horse race)

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