One entry found for prefigure.
Main Entry: pre·fig·ure
Pronunciation: (primarystress)premacron-primarystressfig-yschwar, especially British -primarystressfig-schwar
Function: verb
1 : to show, suggest, or announce by an earlier type, image, or likeness <the first crocus prefigures the arrival of spring>
2 : to picture or imagine beforehand <prefigure the outcome of the game>
- pre·fig·u·ra·tion /(secondarystress)premacron-secondarystressfig-(y)schwa-primarystressramacr-shschwan/ noun
- pre·fig·ure·ment /(primarystress)premacron-primarystressfig-yschwar-mschwant, especially British -primarystressfig-schwar-/ noun

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