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Main Entry: re-
Pronunciation: (primarystress)remacron before primarystress-stressed syllable, (secondarystress)remacron before secondarystress-stressed syllable, secondarystressremacron before unstressed syllable
Function: prefix
Etymology: derived from Latin re-, red- "again, back, against"
1 : again <refill>
2 : back : backward <recall>
reacquire reactivate reactivation readdress readjust readjustment readmission readmit readopt reaffirm reanalysis reanalyze reanimate reanimation reappear reappearance reapplication reapply reappoint reappointment reappraisal reappraise reapprove reargue rearrest reassemble reassembly reassess reassessment reassign reassignment reattach reattachment reawaken rebalance rebaptism rebaptize rebid reboil reboot rebroadcast reburial rebury rebuy recalculate recalculation rechannel recharter recheck recolor recommission recompile recomputation recompute reconceive reconcentrate reconcentration reconception recondense reconnect reconnection reconquer reconquest reconsecrate reconsecration recontact recontaminate recontamination reconvene recopy recross recut rededicate rededication redeliver redelivery redeposit redigestion rediscover rediscovery redispose redissolve redistill redivide redivision redraft redraw reeligibility reeligible reemerge reemergence reemission reemit reemphasis reemphasize reenergize reenlist reenlistment reenroll reequip reestablish reestablishment reevaluate reevaluation reexamination reexamine reexplore reface refinance refind refix refloat refold reformat refreeze refurnish regather regild regive regrade regrind rehandle rehear reheat reimpose reimposition reincorporate reincorporation reinjure reinsert reinsertion reinstall reintroduce reintroduction reinvade reinvasion rekindle relaunch relearn relight reload remeasure remeasurement remelt remix remold rename renumber reoccupy reoccur reoccurrence reorient reorientate reorientation repack repaint repeople rephotograph rephrase replay repopulate reprice repurchase reread rerecord reroll resaw reschedule rescore reseal
resealable reseat resell resettle resew reshow resow restage restock restrengthen restudy restyle resubmission resubmit resummon resupply resurvey resynthesis resynthesize retag retaste reteach retest retie retrace retransmission retransmit retry retype reunification reunify rewash reweave reweigh rewire

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