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Main Entry: 1re·al
Pronunciation: primarystressremacron(-schwa)l, primarystressri(-schwa)l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English real "real, relating to things," from early French real (same meaning), derived from Latin res "thing, matter" --related to REBUS, REPUBLIC
1 : of, relating to, or made up of land and buildings <real property>
2 a : not artificial or fake : GENUINE <real leather>; also : being exactly what the name implies <a real professional> b : not imaginary : ACTUAL <real life> c : belonging to or containing elements that belong to the set of real numbers <an equation with two real solutions>
3 : ABSOLUTE 1a, complete <there's a real surprise at the end>
- re·al·ness noun
- for real
1 : in earnest : SERIOUSLY <arguing for real>
2 : GENUINE 2 <couldn't believe the offers were for real>
3 : truly good or capable of success <not yet sure if this team is for real>
synonyms REAL, ACTUAL, TRUE mean agreeing with known facts. REAL may suggest that a thing is what it appears to be <this is a real diamond>. ACTUAL stresses that someone or something does or did occur or exist <was Robin Hood an actual person?>. TRUE may apply to something that is real or actual <a true story> or to something that agrees with a standard <seaweeds are not true plants>.

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