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Main Entry: rec·on·cile
Pronunciation: primarystressrek-schwan-secondarystresssimacrl
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -ciled; -cil·ing
1 : to make friendly again <reconcile friends who have quarreled>
2 : to settle by agreement : ADJUST <reconcile differences>
3 : to make agree <a story that cannot be reconciled with the facts>
4 : to cause to give in or to accept : make content <reconciled myself to the loss>
- rec·on·cil·able /secondarystressrek-schwan-primarystresssimacr-lschwa-bschwal, primarystressrek-schwan-secondarystresssimacrl-/ adjective
- rec·on·cile·ment /primarystressrek-schwan-secondarystresssimacrl-mschwant/ noun
- rec·on·cil·er noun
- rec·on·cil·i·a·tion /secondarystressrek-schwan-secondarystresssil-emacron-primarystressamacr-shschwan/ noun

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