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Main Entry: re·duce
Pronunciation: ri-primarystressd(y)üs
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): re·duced; re·duc·ing
1 : to make smaller in size, amount, or number <reduce the number of accidents>; especially : to lose weight by dieting
2 : to bring to a specified state or condition
3 a : to lower in grade or rank : DEMOTE b : to be driven by poverty or need <was reduced to begging> c : to lessen the strength of
4 : to change an arithmetic expression to a simpler form without changing its value <reduce a fraction to lowest terms>
5 : to break down (as by crushing or grinding) <reduce stone to powder>
6 a : DEOXIDIZE b : to combine with or subject to the action of hydrogen c : to add one or more electrons to (an atom or ion or molecule)
- re·duc·er noun
- re·duc·ibil·i·ty /-secondarystressd(y)ü-sschwa-primarystressbil-schwat-emacron/ noun
- re·duc·ible /-primarystressd(y)ü-sschwa-bschwal/ adjective

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