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Main Entry: 1reg·u·lar
Pronunciation: primarystressreg-yschwa-lschwar
Function: adjective
1 : belonging to a religious community and living by its rules
2 a : formed, built, arranged, or ordered according to an established rule, law, or type b : having all sides or faces equal and all angles equal <a square is a regular polygon> c : even or balanced in form or structure; especially : having radial symmetry <regular flowers>
3 a : being in the habit of following a method : ORDERLY, METHODICAL b : returning or acting at fixed times
4 a : following established or prescribed uses or rules b : being such without any doubt : COMPLETE, UNMITIGATED <a regular scoundrel> c : following the normal or usual manner of changing tense <regular verbs>
5 : of, relating to, or being a permanent army of a country
- reg·u·lar·ly /primarystressreg-yschwa-lschwar-lemacron/ adverb

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