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Main Entry: reˇvolve
Pronunciation: ri-primarystressvälv, -primarystressvodotlv
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): reˇvolved; reˇvolvˇing
Etymology: Middle English revolven "to turn over in the mind, cause to go around (on an axis)," from Latin revolvere "to roll back, cause to return," from re- "back, again" and volvere "to roll" --related to VOLUME --see Word History at VOLUME
1 : to think over carefully
2 a : to move in an orbit b : to turn on or as if on an axis : ROTATE
3 : RECUR 3
4 : to have as a main point <the argument revolved around wages>
- reˇvolvˇable /-primarystressväl-vschwa-bschwal, -primarystressvodotl-/ adjective

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