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Main Entry: 1ring
Pronunciation: primarystressrieng
Function: noun
Etymology: Old English hring "a circular band"
1 : a circular band for holding, connecting, hanging, or pulling or for packing or sealing <a key ring> <a towel ring>
2 : a circular band usually of precious metal worn on the finger
3 : something circular in shape <smoke rings>
4 : an often circular space for shows and contests <a circus ring> <a boxing ring>
6 : a group of persons involved in selfish or dishonest activities <police broke up a ring of car thieves>
7 plural : a pair of rings suspended from above and used for hanging, swinging, and balancing tricks in gymnastics
- ringed /primarystressriengd/ adjective
- ring·like /primarystressrieng-secondarystresslimacrk/ adjective

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