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Main Entry: 1round
Pronunciation: primarystressraudotnd
Function: adjective
1 a : having every part of the surface or circumference the same distance from the center b : shaped like a cylinder <a round peg> c : nearly round <a round face>
2 : 5PLUMP
3 a : 1COMPLETE 1 <a round dozen> b : nearly correct or exact to a certain decimal place <use the round number 1400 for the exact figure 1411> c : LARGE <a good round sum>
4 : moving in or forming a circle
5 : having lifelike fullness <a round character in a story>
6 : having fullness of tone
7 : having curves rather than angles
- round·ish /primarystressraudotn-dish/ adjective
- round·ness /primarystressraudotn(d)-nschwas/ noun

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