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Main Entry: 1say
Pronunciation: primarystresssamacr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): said /primarystresssed/; say·ing /primarystresssamacr-ieng/; says /primarystresssez/
1 a : to express in words : STATE <say what you mean using as few words as possible> b : to state as opinion or belief : DECLARE <said to be the best you can get>
2 a : 2UTTER 2, pronounce <can't say more than three words without laughing> b : RECITE 1, repeat <said my prayers>
3 a : INDICATE 2, show <the clock says five minutes after ten> b : to give expression to : COMMUNICATE <the look on his face said it all>
4 : SUPPOSE 1, assume <let's say you're right>
- say·er /primarystresssamacr-schwar/ noun

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