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Main Entry: sea
Pronunciation: primarystresssemacron
Function: noun
1 a : a great body of salty water that covers much of the earth; also : the waters of the earth b : a body of salt water not as large as an ocean <the Mediterranean Sea> c : OCEAN 1 d : an inland body of water either salt or fresh <the Sea of Galilee>
2 : rough water <a high sea swept the deck>
3 : something suggesting the sea (as in great size or depth) <a golden sea of wheat>
4 : a life involving marine travel <hoped to make a career of the sea>
5 : 2MARE
- sea adjective
- at sea
1 : on the sea; especially : on a sea voyage
2 : without landmarks for guidance : LOST, BEWILDERED
- to sea : to or on the open sea

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