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Main Entry: 1see
Pronunciation: primarystresssemacron
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): saw /primarystresssodot/; seen /primarystresssemacronn/; see·ing /primarystresssemacron-ieng/
1 a : to become aware of by means of the eyes or have the power of sight <see a bird> <a person who cannot see> b : to give or pay attention <see, the bus is coming>
2 a : to have experience of : UNDERGO <had seen life on a farm> b : to know or find out by investigation <see what's wrong with the car> c : to acknowledge or consider something being pointed out <see, I told you it would rain>
3 a : to form a mental picture of : VISUALIZE <I can see it now in my mind> b : to understand the meaning or importance of <I see what you mean> c : to be aware of : RECOGNIZE <sees only our faults> d : to imagine as a possibility <couldn't see him as a crook>
4 a : to provide for <had enough money to see them through> b : to make sure <see that the job gets done>
5 a : to call on : VISIT <see a sick friend> b (1) : to keep company with especially in courtship or dating <had been seeing each other for a year> (2) : to grant an interview to : RECEIVE <the president will see you>
6 : ACCOMPANY 1, escort <I'll see you home>
- see after : to attend to : care for <saw after my mother>
- see eye to eye : to have a common point of view : AGREE
- see red : to become very angry
- see the light : to discover or realize a truth
- see things : HALLUCINATE
- see through : to learn the true nature of <saw through the scheme>
- see to : to provide for the needs of <saw to the children's education>

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