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Main Entry: send
Pronunciation: primarystresssend
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): sent /primarystresssent/; send·ing
1 : to cause to go <sent the pupil home> <sent a message>; especially : to set in motion by physical force <sent the ball into right field> <send a rocket to the moon>
2 : to cause to happen <whatever fate may send>
3 : to put or bring into a certain condition <sent them into a rage>
4 a : to cause someone to pass a message on or do an errand -- often used with out <send out for lunch> b : to dispatch a request or order -- often used with away <sent away for skates>
- send·er noun
- send for : to request by message to come <the principal sent for the child>
- send packing : to send off roughly or in disgrace

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