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Main Entry: shank
Pronunciation: primarystressshaengk
Function: noun
1 a : the part of the leg between the knee and the ankle in human beings or a similar part in various other vertebrates b : a cut of meat (as beef or lamb) from usually the upper part of a leg
2 a : the straight shaft (as of a nail, pin, or fishhook) b : the narrow part of the sole of a shoe beneath the instep
3 : a part of a tool that connects the acting part with a part by which it is held or moved <the shank of a drill bit> <the shank of a key>
4 : a part of something by which it can be attached: as a : a part that sticks out on the back of a solid button b : a short stem of thread that holds a sewn button away from the cloth
- shanked /primarystressshaeng(k)t/ adjective

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