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Main Entry: 1shy
Pronunciation: primarystressshimacr
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): shi·er or shy·er /primarystressshimacr(-schwa)r/; shi·est or shy·est /primarystressshimacr-schwast/
1 a : easily frightened : TIMID b : not feeling comfortable around people : not wanting or able to call attention to oneself
2 : having less than a full or an expected amount or number <we were about ten dollars shy of our goal>
- shy·ly adverb
- shy·ness noun
synonyms SHY, BASHFUL, DIFFIDENT mean feeling awkward around others. SHY suggests not wanting to meet or talk with people either by habit or for special reasons <at the new school I was shy at first>. BASHFUL suggests being shy and afraid like a very young child <they were bashful and would hide when company came>. DIFFIDENT suggests not putting oneself forward because of a lack of self-confidence <in art class he was diffident about his work>.

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