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Main Entry: 1stage
Pronunciation: primarystressstamacrj
Function: noun
1 a : one of the levels into which a structure can be divided b : a floor of a building c : a shelf or layer especially as one of a series
2 a : a raised platform b : a part of a theater including the acting area c : the small platform of a microscope on which an object is placed for examination
3 a : a center of attention : scene of action b : the theatrical profession or art
4 a : a place of rest formerly provided for those traveling by stagecoach b : the distance between stopping places in a journey c : STAGE COACH <traveling by stage>
5 a : a period or step in a process, activity, or development <an early stage of a disease> b : one of the periods of the growth and development of a plant or animal <the larval stage of a beetle>; also : an individual in such a stage
6 : one of two or more sections of a rocket each having its own fuel and engine <a three-stage missile>
- on the stage : in or into the acting profession

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