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Main Entry: 1sta·tion
Pronunciation: primarystressstamacr-shschwan
Function: noun
1 : the place or position in which something or someone stands or is assigned to stand or remain
2 : a regular stopping place : DEPOT <drove him to the bus station>
3 a : a post or area of duty or occupation b : a stock farm or ranch of Australia or New Zealand
4 : social or official position : RANK <a person of high station>
5 : a place for specialized scientific observation and study especially in or near the field or in natural surroundings <a biological station> <a weather station>
6 : a place established to provide a public service <police station> <fire station> <power station>
7 a : a complete collection of radio or television equipment for transmitting or receiving b : the place in which such a station is located

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