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Main Entry: 1stem
Pronunciation: primarystressstem
Function: noun
Etymology: Old English stefn, stemn "stem of a plant, stem of a ship"
1 a : the main stalk of a plant that develops buds and shoots and usually grows above the ground b : a plant part (as the stalk of a leaf or flower) that supports some other part
2 : the bow of a ship
3 : the basic part of a word to which prefixes or suffixes may be added
4 : something held to resemble a plant stem: as a : the short upright line from the head of a musical note b : the part of a tobacco pipe from the bowl outward c : a main or heavy stroke of a letter d : the cylindrical support of a piece of stemware (as a wine glass) e : a shaft of a watch used for winding
- stemĚless /-lschwas/ adjective
- from stem to stern : 1THROUGHOUT 1, thoroughly

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