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Main Entry: 1stretch
Pronunciation: primarystressstrech
Function: verb
1 : to extend (as one's body) in a flat position <stretched out on the bed>
2 : to reach out <stretched my arm>
3 a : to extend or become extended in length or width or both : SPREAD <stretched his neck to see what was going on> b : to extend over a continuous period <the dynasty stretches back several centuries>
4 : to draw up (one's body) from a cramped, stooping, or relaxed position <awoke and stretched myself>
5 : to pull tight <stretch the canvas on the frame>
6 a : to enlarge or expand especially by force b : to make excessive demands on : STRAIN <stretched her already thin patience>
7 : to cause to reach or continue <stretch a wire between two posts>
8 : EXAGGERATE <stretch the truth>
9 : to become extended without breaking
10 : to extend one's body or limbs <stretched before jogging>
- stretch·abil·i·ty /secondarystressstrech-schwa-primarystressbil-schwat-emacron/ noun
- stretch·able /primarystressstrech-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- stretch one's legs : to take a walk in order to relieve stiffness caused by prolonged sitting

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