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Main Entry: 1supĚport
Pronunciation: sschwa-primarystresspomacr(schwa)rt, -primarystresspodot(schwa)rt
Function: verb
1 : to endure bravely or quietly : BEAR
2 a : to promote the interests or cause of b : to uphold or defend as true or right : ADVOCATE <supports fair play> c : to argue or vote for <support a candidate> d : 1ASSIST, HELP <bombers supported the ground troops> e : to provide evidence for : VERIFY <they cannot support the claim>
3 : to pay the costs of : MAINTAIN <supports a large family>
4 a : to hold up or in position or serve as a foundation or prop for <posts support the porch roof> b : to keep up the price of (as milk or wheat) by buying large amounts to store at a certain price
5 : to keep something going : SUSTAIN <not enough air to support life>
- supĚportĚable /-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- supĚportĚive /-primarystresspomacrrt-iv, -primarystresspodotrt-/ adjective

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