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Main Entry: 1sure
Pronunciation: primarystressshudot(schwa)r, especially Southern primarystressshomacr(schwa)r
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English seur, sure "safe from danger or harm," from early French seur (same meaning), from securus "secure" --related to SECURE
1 : firmly established : STEADFAST <a sure hold>
2 : RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY <a sure friend>
3 : having no doubt : CONFIDENT <I'm sure I'm right>
4 : not to be doubted : CERTAIN <sure evidence>
5 a : bound to happen : INEVITABLE <sure disaster> b : bound as if by fate <we are sure to win>
- sure·ness noun
- for sure : without doubt : with certainty
- to be sure : it must be admitted

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