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Main Entry: 1swing
Pronunciation: primarystressswieng
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): swung /primarystressswschwaeng/; swing·ing /primarystressswieng-ieng/
1 a : to move quickly in a sweeping curve <swing an ax> b : to sway or cause to sway to and fro or turn on an axis or hinge <swung the door open> c : to face or move in another direction <go forward, then swing to the right>
2 a : to hang or be hung so as to permit swaying or turning b : to die by hanging c : to hang freely from support d : to change quickly between extremes <sales swung up sharply>
3 : to handle successfully : MANAGE <can you swing the purchase of a car>
4 a : to move along with free swaying movements b : to start up in a smooth vigorous manner <ready to swing into action> c : to hit at something with a sweeping movement
5 : to be lively, exciting, and up-to-date <a town that really swings>
- swing·er /primarystressswieng-schwar/ noun

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