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Main Entry: swear
Pronunciation: primarystressswa(schwa)r, primarystressswe(schwa)r
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): swore /primarystressswomacr(schwa)r, primarystressswodot(schwa)r/; sworn /primarystressswomacr(schwa)rn, primarystressswodot(schwa)rn/; swear·ing
1 : to make a statement or promise under oath
2 a : to state as true under oath <a sworn statement> b : to state or promise strongly or sincerely <I swear that I was there>
3 a : to give an oath to <the witness was sworn> b : to bind by an oath <swore us to secrecy>
4 : to take an oath
5 : to use bad or vulgar language
- swear·er noun
- swear by : to place great confidence in
- swear off : to promise to give up <swear off desserts>

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