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Main Entry: 1tail
Pronunciation: primarystresstamacr(schwa)l
Function: noun
1 : the rear end or a lengthened growth from the rear end of the body of an animal
2 : something resembling an animal's tail <the tail of a kite> <the tail of a comet>
3 plural : full evening dress for men
4 : the back, last, lower, or rear part of something <the tail of an airplane>
5 : the reverse of a coin
6 : one (as a detective) who follows or keeps watch on someone
7 : a location not far behind <a posse on the outlaw's tail>
- tailed /primarystresstamacr(schwa)ld/ adjective
- tail·less /primarystresstamacr(schwa)l-lschwas/ adjective
- tail·like /-secondarystresslimacrk/ adjective

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