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Main Entry: tell
Pronunciation: primarystresstel
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): told /primarystresstomacrld/; tell·ing
1 : 1COUNT 1a, enumerate
2 a : to describe in detail : NARRATE <tell a story> b : to give an account <an article telling of her experience> c : 1SAY 1a, utter <tell a lie>
3 a : to make known : REVEAL <tell a secret> b : to express in words <can't tell you how pleased we are>
4 : to give information to : INFORM <tell me as soon as the package gets here>
5 : 1ORDER 2a, direct <told us to wait>
6 : to find out by observing <can tell the child is honest>
7 : to act as a tattletale <tell on a cheater>
8 : to have a noticeable effect <the pressure began to tell on them>
9 : to be evidence of : INDICATE <smiles telling of success>
synonym see REVEAL

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