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Main Entry: 1throw
Pronunciation: primarystressthromacr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): threw /primarystressthrü/; thrown /primarystressthromacrn/; throw·ing
1 a : to send through the air especially with a quick forward motion of the arm <threw the ball over the fence> b : 3PITCH 5b <threw a no-hitter>
2 a : to cause to fall <a horse jumped and threw its rider> b : to cast (oneself) heavily or forcefully <threw herself on the sofa> c : to get the better of : OVERCOME <the problem didn't throw her>
3 a : to put suddenly in a certain condition or position <threw her arms around him> <threw him into prison> b : to bring to bear : EXERT <threw all their efforts into repairing the house>
4 : to put on or take off quickly <throw on a coat>
5 : to form or shape on a potter's wheel
6 : to move to an open or closed position <throw a switch>
7 : to lose (a game or contest) on purpose
8 : to commit oneself for help, support, or protection <threw himself on the mercy of the court>
9 : to indulge in <threw a temper tantrum>
10 : to give for entertainment <throw a party>
- throw·er /primarystressthromacr(-schwa)r/ noun
- throw one's weight around or throw one's weight about : to exercise influence or authority especially to an excessive degree or in an objectionable manner
synonyms THROW, TOSS, FLING, HURL mean to drive something swiftly through space often by a movement of the arm. THROW is the broadest word and can be used of almost any motion and driving force <throw a ball> <the sudden stop threw the groceries to the floor of the car>. TOSS suggests a light or careless throwing <toss a coin to see which side comes up> <tossed the paper away>. FLING suggests a quick tossing often at no particular target <flung the coat on the chair and ran out of the room>. HURL suggests a throwing with strong force <hurled rocks at the old cans they were using as targets>.

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