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Main Entry: 1through
Variant(s): also thru /(primarystress)thrü/
Function: preposition
Etymology: Old English thurh "through" --related to THOROUGH, THRILL --see Word History at THRILL
1 a : in at one side and out at the opposite side of <drove through the town> b : by way of <left through the window> c : in the midst of : AMONG <a path through the trees> d : without stopping for <drove through a red light>
2 a : by means of <succeeded through hard work> b : because of <failed through lack of planning>
3 : over the whole of <all through the country>
4 a : from the beginning to the end of : DURING <worked through the summer> b : to and including <Monday through Friday>
5 a : to a point of completion or exhaustion in <got through the book> b : to a state of official acceptance or approval <got the bill through the legislature>

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