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Main Entry: 1to
Pronunciation: tschwa, tudot, (primarystress)tü
Function: preposition
1 a -- used to indicate movement or something suggesting movement toward a place, person, or thing reached <walked to school> <send data to disk storage> <went back to my first idea> b -- used to indicate direction <a mile to the south> <your back to the window> c -- used to indicate contact <apply polish to the table> d -- used to indicate a limit <the water was up to my waist>
2 -- used to indicate purpose, result, or end <came to our aid> <broke to pieces> <sentenced to death>
3 a : 2BEFORE 3 <at quarter to five> b : 1UNTIL <from nine to five>
4 -- used to indicate belonging, accompanying, or responding <the key to the lock> <dance to live music> <not much you could say to that>
5 a -- used to indicate a relation of likeness or unlikeness <similar to mine> b -- used to indicate agreement <salt to taste> c -- used to indicate a proportion in terms of number or amount <packed 10 to the box>
6 a -- used to indicate the relation of adjective to noun <agreeable to all of us> or verb to complement <sticks to business> b -- used to indicate one that receives an action <spoke to the teacher> <give it to me>
7 : for no one but <had the house to ourselves>
8 -- used to mark an infinitive <likes to swim> and often used by itself in place of an infinitive <I didn't mean to>

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