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Main Entry: 1transˇfer
Pronunciation: tran(t)s-primarystressfschwar, primarystresstran(t)s-secondarystressfschwar
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): transˇferred; transˇferˇring
Etymology: Middle English transferren "to transfer," from Latin transferre (same meaning), from trans- "across, through" and ferre "to bear, carry" --related to 1DEFER, FERTILE
1 a : to pass from one person, place, or situation to another b : to cause to pass from one to another
2 : to give over the possession or ownership of
3 : to move to a different place, region, or situation; especially : to withdraw from one school to enroll at another
4 : to change from one vehicle or transportation line to another
- transˇferˇable /tran(t)s-primarystressfschwar-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- transˇferˇal /-primarystressfschwar-schwal/ noun

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