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Main Entry: VietĚnam
Pronunciation: vemacron-primarystresset-primarystressnäm, vyet-, secondarystressvemacron-schwat-, -primarystressnam
Function: geographical name
country SE Asia in Indochina; capital, Hanoi; established 1945-46 & divided 1954-75 at 17th parallel into the independent states of North Vietnam (capital, Hanoi) & South Vietnam (capital, Saigon)
- VietĚnamĚese /vemacron-secondarystresset-nschwa-primarystressmemacronz, secondarystressvyet-, secondarystressvemacron-schwat-, secondarystressvemacront, -na-, -nä-, -primarystressmemacrons/ adjective or noun

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