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Main Entry: 1way
Pronunciation: primarystresswamacr
Function: noun
1 a : a track for travel : PATH b : an opening for passage (as through a crowd or a gate) <no way out>
2 a : a course traveled : ROUTE b : DIRECTION 3 <come this way> <the wrong way>
3 a : a course of action <chose the easy way> b : opportunity or power of doing as one pleases <have your own way> c : POSSIBILITY 1 <there are no two ways about it>
4 a : the manner in which something is done or happens <this way of thinking> <a new way of painting> b : a noticeable part or detail <a good worker in many ways> c : 1STATE 1a <the way things are>
5 : a particular or typical manner of behavior <it's just his way> <has a nice way with his pets>
6 a : 1DISTANCE 1b <a short way down the road> b : progress along a course <earning her way through school> <made her way with difficulty>
7 : LOCALITY <visit when you are out our way>
8 : CATEGORY 1 <get what you need in the way of supplies>
- by the way : aside or apart from that : INCIDENTALLY <by the way, did you hear what happened today?>
- by way of
1 : for the purpose of <mentioned her by way of example>
2 : by the route through : VIA
- in one's way also in the way
1 : in or along one's course
2 : in a position to hinder or obstruct
- on the way or on one's way : moving along in one's course : in progress <we were on our way home>
- out of the way
1 : IMPROPER <said nothing out of the way during dinner>
2 : in or to a place away from public view <found a cottage that was out of the way>
3 : brought to an end : done fully <got his homework out of the way>

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