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Main Entry: 1wear
Pronunciation: primarystresswa(schwa)r, primarystresswe(schwa)r
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): wore /primarystresswomacr(schwa)r, primarystresswodot(schwa)r/; worn /primarystresswomacr(schwa)rn, primarystresswodot(schwa)rn/; wear·ing
1 a : to use as an article of clothing, adornment, or assistance <wears blue jeans all the time> <wears glasses> b : to carry on the person <wear a watch>
2 : to have or show an appearance of <wore a happy smile>
3 a : to damage, destroy, or make less by use or by scraping or rubbing <wore the shoes to pieces> b : to produce gradually by wearing <wear a hole in the rug> c : to tire or weaken : FATIGUE <soldiers worn by the strain of war>
4 : to stand up under use <a silk that wears well>
5 a : to lessen or end with the passage of time <the effect of the medicine wore off> <the day wore on> b : to reach a certain condition gradually <the blade wore dull>
- wear·er noun

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