Student Thesaurus

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Entry Word: ablaze
Function: adjective
Text: 1 being on fire <the entire block was ablaze by the time fire fighters arrived>
Synonyms afire, aflame, blazing, burning, combusting, fiery, flaming, ignited, inflamed, kindled, lighted (or lit)
Related Words aglow, alight, flaring, flickering, glowing, live, smoldering; broiling, hot, piping hot, red-hot, roasting, scalding, scorching, searing, sizzling; burnt, charred, incinerated, scorched, seared, singed
Near Antonyms choked, damped, dead, doused, extinguished, quenched, smothered, snuffed (out), stamped (out), suffocated
2 filled with much light <that night the ballroom, ablaze with light, looked very different from the curtained room it usually was by day> -- see BRIGHT 2