Student Thesaurus

One entry found for afflict.
Entry Word: afflict
Function: verb
Text: to cause persistent suffering to <the South was afflicted by a severe drought> <he's been afflicted by nightmares ever since the accident>
Synonyms agonize, bedevil, curse, harrow, martyr, persecute, plague, rack, torment, torture
Related Words assail, attack, beset, set upon; badger, dog, hound, ride; agitate, annoy, bother, distress, disturb, harass, harry, irk, molest, pester; discomfort, discompose, disquiet, fluster, perturb, strain, stress, trouble, try, upset, vex, worry; crush, oppress, overpower, overwhelm, smite, strike, tyrannize; pain, prick, stab, sting, wring
Near Antonyms abet, aid, assist, help; deliver, release, relieve, reprieve; comfort, console, solace, soothe, succor