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Entry Word: attack
Function: noun
Text: 1 the act or action of setting upon with force or violence <The USS Constitution was nicknamed "Old Ironsides" after its oaken hull successfully withstood a British attack>
Synonyms aggression, assault, blitzkrieg, charge, descent, offense (or offence), offensive, onset, onslaught, raid, rush, strike
Related Words ambuscade, ambush; counterattack, counteroffensive, sally, sortie; foray, incursion, invasion; pillage, ravage, sack; air raid, blitz, bombardment; siege, storm
Near Antonyms defense, defensive, guard, shield; opposition, resistance; protection, security, shelter
2 a sudden experiencing of a physical or mental disorder <malaria is characterized by periodic attacks of chills and fever>
Synonyms bout, case, fit, seizure, siege, spell
Related Words recurrence, relapse; brainstorm, convulsion, pang, paroxysm, spasm, throe; breakdown, collapse, prostration
Near Antonyms arrest, relief, remission