Student Thesaurus

One entry found for back talk.
Entry Word: back talk
Function: noun
Text: disrespectful or argumentative talk given in response to a command or request <his mother sent him to his room because of his constant back talk>
Synonyms cheek, impertinence, impudence, insolence, sass, sauce
Related Words comeback, rejoinder, retort, riposte, wisecrack; discourtesy, disrespect, impoliteness, rudeness, tactlessness; audaciousness, audacity, boldness, brazenness; coarseness, crassness, crudity, vulgarity; abruptness, bluffness, bluntness, brusqueness, crossness, curtness, gruffness, surliness
Near Antonyms civility, cordiality, courtesy, diplomacy, politeness, tactfulness; consideration, gallantry, gentility, graciousness, smoothness, suaveness; deference, respect; affability