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Entry Word: blank
Function: adjective
Text: 1 not expressing any emotion <the teacher knew no one was paying attention when she looked out and saw all those blank faces>
Synonyms deadpan, expressionless, impassive, inexpressive, stolid, vacant
Related Words dull, empty, vacuous, vapid; enigmatic (also enigmatical), impenetrable, inscrutable, mysterious; dead, inactive, quiescent, sleepy, sluggish; indolent, languorous, lazy, lethargic, listless; motionless, static, still, wooden; reserved, restrained, reticent, taciturn; aloof, apathetic, detached, indifferent, phlegmatic; cold, cool
Near Antonyms active, alive, animated, bright, busy, dynamic, effervescent, energetic, expansive, exuberant, lively, vigorous, vital, vivacious; eloquent, revealing, revelatory, significant, vivid; emotional, melodramatic, theatrical, unreserved, unrestrained
Antonyms demonstrative, expressive
2 lacking contents that could or should be present <the page of instructions actually turned out to be blank> -- see EMPTY 1