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Entry Word: busy
Function: adjective
Text: 1 involved in often constant activity <the deadline is in two days, so everyone at work has been extremely busy>
Synonyms active, assiduous, diligent, employed, engaged, industrious, laborious, occupied, sedulous, working
Related Words absorbed, concentrating, engrossed, focused (also focussed), immersed, intent, preoccupied; alive, functional, functioning, going, living, operating, operational, operative, running; energetic, vigorous; indefatigable, tireless, untiring
Near Antonyms asleep, dormant, latent, quiescent, sleepy; inert, passive; dead, dull, slow; inoperative, nonoperating
Antonyms idle, inactive, unemployed, unengaged, unoccupied
2 marked by much life, movement, or activity <the busy, often hectic floor of the New York Stock Exchange> -- see ALIVE 2