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Entry Word: control
Function: noun
Text: 1 a mechanism for adjusting the operation of a device, machine, or system <the controls for the player are well marked>
Synonyms regulator
Related Words button, dial, key, knob, lever, push button, switch
2 the ability to direct the course of something <after the tail fell off, the plane went out of the pilot's control> <firefighters keeping control of the blaze>
Synonyms grasp, hand(s)
Related Words clutch, grip, hold, mastery; command, dominion, helm; authority, jurisdiction, might, power
3 the act or activity of looking after and making decisions about something <control of operations was given to a new manager with new ideas> -- see CONDUCT 1
4 the fact or state of having (something) at one's disposal <took control of the process of selecting candidates for the scholarship> -- see POSSESSION 1
5 the right or means to command or control others <teachers are responsible for the students under their control> -- see POWER 1