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Entry Word: court
Function: noun
Text: 1 the residence of a ruler <Hampton Court was the residence of King Henry VIII>
Synonyms palace
Related Words castle, château, estate, mansion, villa
2 an open space wholly or partly enclosed (as by buildings or walls) <the art museum boasts a glass-sided court that is filled with an array of greenery and sculpture>
Synonyms close, courtyard, enclosure (also inclosure), patio, quadrangle, yard
Related Words place, plaza, square; deck, terrace
3 an assembly of persons for the administration of justice <this court is now called to order>
Synonyms bar, tribunal
Related Words judiciary; court-martial; inquisition, kangaroo court
4 a public official having authority to decide questions of law <if it please the court, I'd like to approach the bench> -- see JUDGE 1